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All or nothing

19 April
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Ana Isabel. 23. Seville\Spain. Pshychologies. Narcolepsy. Music lover. Tv shows addicted. Green. Usually lazy. Shopaholic. Mafalda&Snoopy are love. PS abuse.
Tv, watching&watched
Criminal minds · The big bang theory · Veronica Mars · Heroes · Aída · SNL · Skins · Lost · Gossip Girl · csi · Bones · Kyle xy · Smonka · Muchachada nui · The Big Bang Theory · Misfits · HIMYM · Modern Family · The walking dead
Maroon5. Coldplay. Arctic monkeys. The Killers. Kings of leon. Beirut. Miss Caffeina. Kaiser chiefs. Amaral. Piratas. Tzn ferro. Jamiroquai. Shakira (until Oral fixation). Avril (before becoming a barbie). The Ting Tings. Simple Plan. Damien Rice. Good Charlotte. Ivan Ferreiro. Lodvg. Pereza.
Books: El principito. Matilda. HP saga. La elegancia del erizo. El alquimista. El curioso incidente del perro a medianoche. Cualquier cosa de Cristopher Moore.
Films: Moulin Rouge. El efecto mariposa. La cosa más dulce. HP saga.
Places: Seville. London. Barcelona.
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I like flags!
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